HORIZONS support program for stood-down employees

If you’ve had to stand down employees due to COVID-19, the HORIZONS Program is a simple and affordable way to provide the support they need, while demonstrating the value they continue to hold for your organisation.

Our 4-week and 8-week programs feature a range of online content – including webinars, emails, and digital resources – designed to guide participants through areas such as building resilience, coping with fear and uncertainty, and developing a positive mindset.

By offering practical support for the challenges they’re facing, you’ll help to keep staff members engaged, productive, motivated and connected.

$397.00$497.00 excl. GST


About the Program

What does the program cover?

Horizons is an online program delivered over 4 or 8 weeks, that provides support, training and guidance for stood-down employees via a number of channels, including:

  • Message from CEO (optional): A personal, informal, tailored message from your CEO to address stood-down employees directly, and supporting them to participate in the program.
  • Webinars: Live and recorded webinars from Career 365 founder Greg Weiss and guest experts.
  • Community: A supportive community to promote a sense of togetherness, with carefully-moderated standards.
  • Emails: Participants receive email messages every other weekday for regular, ongoing communication and support.
  • Resources: HORIZONS provides access to a free library of motivational and self-help resources, including e-books, videos and mental health support resources.

As an online program, Horizons can be accessed from any location on any device, making it ideal for participants who are self-isolating due to COVID-19.

Learning the skills of self-motivation and pro-activity

Thinking more like an entrepreneur or business owner to take control of your own destiny

Avoid becoming ‘rusty’ at your job

How do you keep existing relationships with clients/suppliers going? Being proactive – finding the self-motivation

Who do you want to be when you return to work?

Developing an entre/intrepreneurial mindset; being innovative; finding new solutions.

Avoiding the couch potato effect, which will affect mental health and also morale.

Reflecting on your role and performance and decide what you want to focus on, improve or upskill in

How do you upskill to further improve yourself whilst away from work

Keeping on side with your boss – demonstrating your worth so you will be top of the list for returning employees


4-week program

$397 +gst

per participant

8-week program

$497 +gst

per participant

Plus, receive a discounted rate on our tailored outplacement programs.

If a participating employee is subsequently made redundant, you will receive a discount of $497 on our tailored online outplacement programs.

HORIZONS support program for stood-down employees

$397.00$497.00 excl. GST