Tailored/High-touch online outplacement

When departing employees finish their employment strongly, it means they feel better about being ‘moved on’ by their employer. 

Whether a layoff is due to COVID-19, redundancy, retrenchment, performance or cultural fit, the world’s best employers provide outplacement services to their departing employees because it helps those employees to shine elsewhere. 

Trusted by many of Australasia’s leading employers, the different levels of outplacement services Career365 provides are designed to be accessible to all employees, whatever their role or where they are located.


The Program

We collaborate with each participant, recommending a tailored roadmap of online modules and career coaching that best supports each departing employee.

Your departing employee’s first interaction occurs with Career365 within the critical 24-48 hour period following the news they have lost their job. 

This ensures reputation control for both the employer and the departing employee. It’s often helped by a supportive phone call from an independent party who is a seasoned professional who is ‘on their side’.

The Career365 outplacement program consists of various Health Checks and 8 practical online outplacement module bundles, proven to hae helped over one thousand people from graduate to CEO levels.

Through a mix of one-on-one career coaching sessions at our offices or conveniently delivered via video conferencing platforms, departing employees have the support and assistance to help them deal with their changing circumstances and to move forward and restart their careers elsewhere.

Career Coaching interaction within 24-48 hours of notice.

Health Check 1 with Career365 coach

Tailored roadmap and content
for departing employee

Bundle 1:

Create a great first impression

Bundle 2:

Decide your career direction

Bundle 3:

Craft a compelling resume and cover letter

Bundle 4:

Create a magnetic LinkedIn profile

Bundle 5:

Network for success

Bundle 6:

Make an impact at your interview

Bundle 7:

Craft your elevator statement

Bundle 8:

Feel better about your situation

Health Check 2 with Career365 coach

Restart – Interview ready!

Our Packages

Tailored/High-touch online outplacement

$2,197.00$6,197.00 excl. GST